SonaCellTM - Antibiotics


IntelligentNano has developed several small-scale SonaCellTM bio-fermentation devices for enhancing fermentation processes. SonaCellTM was used to treat Penicillium brevicompactum during fermentation in order to increase mycophenolic acid (MPA) production. It was concluded that SonaCellTM stimulation can result in increased MPA production by as much as 60%. These findings offer a new approach to reducing the production cost of fermentation-based drugs. For example, in shake flask fermentation with 50 ml media, the total energy consumption of SonaCellTM device is 0.001867kWh, which costs approximately $0.026 of electricity per day (based on the North American rate). After 14 days of fermentation, the total cost for electricity is about $0.364. The ultrasound treated sample can increase MPA production by up to 60% or 38.8 mg. From Sigma-Aldrich (, 250 mg MPA (M3536-250MG) costs $311.5. Therefore, the profit generated with the increased MPA production can be as high as $48.34. 


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