Sonacell application

IntelligentNano’s novel SonaCellTM mammalian cell platform utilizes sonodynamic technology for the enhancement of mammalian cellular growth rate and survivability in vitro and in vivo. It provides a reliable way of culturing, maintaining and expanding cell lines for both research and clinical science, and significant expansions have been demonstrated with hematopoietic progenitor/stem cells (HPSC) expansion and maintenance.


SonaCellTM -Microorganism
IntelligentNano’s novel SonaCellTM microorganism cell platform utilizes sonodynamic technology for the stimulation of microorganisms, such as fungi and yeast, to enhance the growth rate and survivability of the cell. Significant cellular growth and enzyme activity enhancement of fungal cells has been demonstrated. It represents a reliable way of culturing and expanding cell lines with wide applications in research and clinical science, and bio-pharmaceutical fermentation.

SonaCellTM (Other applications)
IntelligentNano’s SonaCellTM cell platform has applications in many other mammalian and microorganisms cell lines, such as islet cells, insect cells and bacterial cells. We are constantly seeking strategic collaborators and partners to expand and realize the full potential of our SonaCell technology in academic research, clinical application and bio-pharmaceutical fermentation.