IntelligentNano is a biotechnology company focused on developing solutions to existing problems in cell-culturing and microbial fermentation technology currently practiced in the production of bio-pharmaceuticals, personalized medicines, and bio-fuel.

IntelligentNano has pioneered the development of high-performance sonodynamic system for the stimulation of cell growth and improvement of cell quality, thereby providing greater number of high-value cells of better quality for personalized medicines, bio-energy and bio-pharmaceutical products. IntelligentNano’s flagship enabling platform, SonaCell™, utilizes this sonodynamic technology for the enhancement of cell growth, survivability in vitro and in vivo, as well as for the increase in cell-derived products.It was originally developed to overcome one of the major problems, low cell number, in exploiting the full potential of stem cells in therapeutic applications. The SonaCell™ has been proven to reduce the production cost of stem cells significantly. An added advantage of the SonaCell™ is that it can be easily installed or integrated into existing industrial production processes.

Currently IntelligentNano is marketing on a world-wide basis its platform for a variety of applications: stem cell research/therapy , bio-fuel (bio-ethanol and bio-diesel) and biopharmaceutical fermentation (monoclonal antibody production and antibiotic production). The revenue strategy of IntelligentNano includes technology licensing, sale of its SonaCell™ platform and providing fee-for-service R&D. We are constantly seeking strategic collaborators, partners and distributors to expand and realize the full potential of our SonaCell technology in academic research, clinical application and bio-pharmaceutical fermentation.