SonaCellTM - Antibody Production

The market for monoclonal antibodies is growing by 20.9% per year and has reached $16.7 billion in 2008. Currently,a number of monoclonal antibodies have been approved for therapeutic use. The majority of these antibodies are produced by recombinant DNA technology and a small portion of antibodies are murine antibodies, made in hybridomas. The recombinant antibodies are produced in mammalian cell expression systems using Chinese hamster ovary (CHO) or murine lymphoid cell lines.

The clinical and commercial success of monoclonal antibodies has led to the need for very large-scale production in mammalian cell culture. IntelligentNano’s SonaCellTM (patent pending), increases production of antibodies in both hybridomas and CHO cells by stimulating the cells. The initial devices gently massage cells through low intensity pulsed ultrasound to enhance their growth and antibodies productive rate. Over 90% increase in antibody production had been achieved with just a few days of stimulation with hybridomas and it is also being tested with CHO cells.



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