SonaCell™ – Antibiotics


IntelligentNano has developed several small-scale SonaCell™ bio-fermentation devices for enhancing fermentation processes. SonaCell™ was used to treat Penicillium brevicompactum during fermentation in order to increase mycophenolic acid (MPA) production. It was concluded that SonaCell™ stimulation can result in increased MPA production by as much as 60%. These findings offer a new approach to reducing the production cost of fermentation-based drugs. For example, in shake flask fermentation with 50 ml media, the total energy consumption of SonaCell™ device is 0.001867kWh, which costs approximately $0.026 of electricity per day (based on the North American rate). After 14 days of fermentation, the total cost for electricity is about $0.364. The ultrasound treated sample can increase MPA production by up to 60% or 38.8 mg. From Sigma-Aldrich (, 250 mg MPA (M3536-250MG) costs $311.5. Therefore, the profit generated with the increased MPA production can be as high as $48.34.


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